The owner of Samsung Galaxy A6 Tablet found!

The winner of the Samsung Galaxy A6 tablet found which we gave away with our Instagram draw as part of the promotion of our social media accounts.

tablet gift

Our first draw carried out among people who follow us on Instagram and tagged three of their friends. The owner of the prize determined as a result of the draw carried out on April 15th.

The winner of the first prize, Samsung Galaxy A6 Tablet was Yunus Emre named our social media follower in our 3-staged draws. We will give away Canon 1300 D Professional Photo Camera in the second leg and iPad Air 2 in the third leg in our upcoming draws. Connect to our chat rooms and nominate yourself to win one of them while you are chatting.

DETAIL iphone 8 gift Like, Share, Increase Your Online Period and Have the Chance to Win iPhone 8!

Now our gift is the iPhone 8, the new model of Apple's sales record-breaking iPhone.

DETAIL canon 1300 d gift We gave away Canon 1300 D Photo Camera with a draw!

Recently one of our users won Canon 1300 D Professional Photo Camera with our regularly scheduled draws.

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