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Now our gift is the iPhone 8, the new model of Apple's sales record-breaking iPhone.

DETAIL canon 1300 d gift We gave away Canon 1300 D Photo Camera with a draw!

Recently one of our users won Canon 1300 D Professional Photo Camera with our regularly scheduled draws.

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The winner of the Samsung Galaxy A6 tablet found which we gave away with our Instagram draw as part of the promotion of our social media accounts.

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TRSohbet.com is among the most favorite web or program-based chat systems which are one of the communication tools of people for years. Our website which offers services for free since 2005 continue to be preferred by users connecting to our chat rooms from all around the world.

Our goal is to offer socialized, peaceful and of course, elite friendships which can have a dialogue instead of creating an introvert society by meeting the "talking" needs of people which became a basic need for us. We have been doing it successfully for 12 years and of course, we owe it to the chat enthusiasts who continue to prefer us!

You don't need to chat through a mirc program or web-based platforms over the computers with the advancement in the technology. We have also developed a mobile chat app for you without being insensitive to the fact that most of the Internet users are connecting to the Internet via mobile devices. You can now connect to our service from anywhere through our mobile chat application and enjoy it.

If you didn't join us yet, it is not too late to learn what you're missing! Join to chat channels via web, mirc or application in order to create new friendships and feel yourself at home!